Spin, Dirty Tricks and Expenses

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One of the characteristics of an independent councillor is the ability to speak out without political reprisal.  True or Untrue? I’ll let you be the judge. You have a right to know directly from me all about the issues that are affecting your local councillor who is trying to do a good job representing you, rather than someone else.

Residents in the wake of revelations about our MP’s are now turning to our local councillors.  The Rochford Lib Dems published the “Councillors’ Allowance Claims April 2007 – March 2008” on their web site at if you want to read the detail. Rochford District Council will be publishing updated figures for 2009 very shortly.

Bus Cuts Extra

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Essex County Council has now conveyed a decision not to provide an evening service on the Arriva 8 to Hawkwell.

Here are a few quotes from an Essex County Council email which was sent to me in 2003 to explain why Ashingdon has a good bus service but Hawkwell has none. It still makes no sense to me reading it again 6 years later.