Parish Council Chairman objects to “Massive Great Shed”

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Disability Essex, based in Rocheway, Rochford, wants to put the 10ft by 12ft pitched-roof shed, near to the car park of its new £2million building.

Councillor John Bond, Chairman of Rochford Parish Council, – said: “Our objection is they want to build a shed to put tools in.” “They have gardeners to do their work.” “If they want to build a shed that’s fine, but they want a massive great shed.”

The full  Echo article is here disabilityessex

The planning application will be considered by 8 July by RDC and as the Editor of The Rochford Independent is a Member of the Planning Authority he can make no comment.

Southend Airport Expansion – Project Dates

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Some readers have asked if The Rochford Independent knows when the various parts of the Southend Airport Expansion Project will be delivered.

A quick email to Airport Managing Director, Alastair Welch retrieved the following up to date information.

  • New Railway station and airport car park completes in August, opens in the Autumn 2010
  • New Control Tower operational in February 2011
  • New passenger terminal completes late Summer 2011
  • Runway extension scheduled to open for winter season 2011
  • New hotel at airport entrance scheduled to open Spring 2012

I asked the same question of RDC but asking what project milestones applied from the public side, like road infrastructure changes and development of the new industrial estate which will adjoin.

The first response was as follows;

“It is anticipated that the JAAP will be submitted to government by the end of this year or early next year, assuming the current arrangements for plan making continue.  The aim would be to see the plan adopted in 2011.”

That concerned me because the Airport sees the runway being open in say Sept/October 2011 for the Winter Season.

So I asked again to be shown the document which contained the milestones and this is the reply I received.

“It would be the Local Development Scheme, but we are revising at the moment.”

I have the uncomfortable feeling that with fundamental documentation for the public side still not even finalised that the aspirations of the Airport for 2011 might not be met?