Crime Updates from Essex Police

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Essex Police on the A12.VEHICLE CRIME:

Overnight 8th July into 9th July there was several thefts from motor vehicles in the Hawkwell area. There was also sheds entered, possibly where the culprits are looking for tools to use to commit crime??


On 7th July, a suspicious male was reported calling at an address in Jubilee Close, Hockley claiming to be from Dynarod. He had no uniform and no ID. The male was white, late 20’s / early 30’s, approx 6’01”, slim build, short dark brown hair, wearing grey trousers, red T shirt with green stripes going round it (possibly a rugby shirt.) The male stated there had been a report the drains were blocked. The informant to police claimed the male seemed surprised that someone was home.


On 30th June, an expensive Nokia N95 mobile phone was posted to an address in Woodlands Road. The occupier signed for the package which was in their name and address although they had not ordered this item. A few days later a tall, well dressed black male, called explaining the phone was his and had been delivered to the wrong address. The house numbers had been mixed up. The male produced a water bill as ID for another address in the street. The phone was handed over. The house details on the produced water bill do not exist.

It is a well known scam to use properties in this way to apply for all manner of products and services including bank loans and expensive electrical goods. It may be legitimate but given the facts above it would appear to be a scam. Be warned.

Community Safety update as at 25 June 2008

As part of the Water UK awareness campaign to raise awareness about distraction burglary where ‘waterboard’ has been used as an MO, the following telephone numbers can be disseminated to the public to encourage them to check the identity of any ‘water company’ doorstep caller.

Anglian Water    0800 145 145

• install and use door chains
• use spy holes to see who is at the door
• display uninvited caller stickers
• do not keep large amounts of money at home
• encourage family, friends, carers and neighbours to check that these are in place
• encourage people to register a password with their water company
• encourage people to ask for identification from those at the door

Meeting with Chief Inspector Andy Prophet

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Idea 1-Media Testshot2As your representative on the District Council, John Mason met with Chief Inspector Andy Prophet and PC Steve Joynes at Rochford Police Station on Thursday afternoon.

They gave him the opportunity to talk in depth about the problems that residents have been experiencing and the concerns that they have.  John emphasised that if Essex Police see Clements Hall as a good place for the young people to congregate and they support the Teen Shelter then Essex Police must be resourced both for supervision and action to be taken about under age drinking and drinking anywhere in that area because it is banned.

They both understood this point and John hopes that the resourcing will be made available. He suggested that Essex Police have a small meeting with residents towards the end of the summer to get feedback and this was well received.  They also discussed that large numbers from Greensward College seem to want to have parties in the park from time to time and this naturally concerns residents and can give rise to incidents of anti social behaviour.

He asked CI Prophet to discuss arrangements with Greensward for release of Year 11 from the school hoping that Essex Police could get an emphasised message around via the school that anti social behaviour and alcohol would not be tolerated. 

It always been understood that very few ABC’s or ASBO’s had ever been issued in Rochford District and Essex Police confirmed that this was indeed the case and John said that residents could not understand why this was so.

The new card system is designed to assemble evidence and John got the impression that the Officer at RDC responsible for getting involved with such measures might be getting busier very shortly !!

Whilst not the Zero Tolerance policy that some police forces have adopted and that some residents advocate we can expect that at least action will now be taken on these issues rather than nothing. New video technology is being deployed this weekend to gather evidence as needed and to record identities. 


Anti Social Behaviour in Hawkwell on 7,8,9 May

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Art Project“On Wednesday night/Thursday morning the kids were over there [Clements Hall] drinking and shouting abuse until 1.30 in the morning. The state of the park on the Thursday morning was disgusting, spirit and wine bottles and cans.
Last night, Friday, 9 May was worse, the kids were still over there shouting abuse, drinking, lighting a fires until 4.15 am.”

There were over 250 youths gathered. Youths had come from Rochford, Rayleigh and possibly Shoebury, to mix with Hockley / Hawkwell youths.
It is now a wider problem when Year 11 students get together and consume alcohol in large numbers. It has become an annual event with no signs that it will stop in the immediate future. Clements Hall is designated no alcohol and signs indicate that, but the youths ignore it.

As a District Councillor for Hawkwell I am insisting that the Police get together with all schools across Southend and Rochford to find a better way of managing the release of Year 11.

It is tempting for some schools, like Greensward does, to release their Year 11 early to so called “study leave”.  It clearly releases school resources.  But is it good for the students?  Not in my opinion because they lose the valuable focus, guidance and are I say discipline they need to tackle their examinations successfully. If the Police can influence Greensward and other schools in any way then perhaps the Police could question that wisdom and policy alongside the difficulties it places the community and the Police in from unwelcome anti social behaviour. 
Year 11, will be released anyway whether before or after examinations.  And I would expect the Police to liase with all Year 11 schools and work with them and the students to effect a better release and transition from school.

The early release of Year 11 to so called “study leave allows certain young people to conclude that if they get together again in numbers there is nothing that “WE” can do.
My call to the Police and schools is to work more effectively together to manage the situation so that it does not occur again in future.  All schools have a responsibility to Year 11 which seems to being ABDICATED, when they need the support of School even more in preparation in more than just knowledge for the GCSE Examinations.  Schools also have a duty to the Police AND our community to manage the situation otherwise relations between the School and the Community will deteriorate.  I have asked the Police to front this initiative because they will be listened to, HOPEFULLY.

Residents are now concerned about the coming summer as past events remind us that there are issues, from time to time and that outside of term time, we have, essentially,only the Police Service to look to for help.  I am sure that Steve and his colleagues will gather local intelligence and try to be one step ahead with prescence and resources.

The other alternative is to make the area surrounding Clements Hall an exclusion zone once again.  But Essex Police want the local young people to congregate there rather than elsewhere.  If Essex Police want this to continue to be supported by the community, including me, then it must be seen to be working…………not getting worse, hence my call not for more resources, which they do not have and will not get, but a wider more effective strategy based on community policing influencing the schools to get involved in a more effective and engaged way.

Essex Police will be reviewing the position and I have asked them to update me.