Refuse Collections Delayed because of Bank Holidays – An Alternative

May 21, 2006 by · 1 Comment 

A resident has made this proposal to the Council.

No doubt because of the public holiday you have suffered a delay to your refuse collection. These delays are bought about by the service doing nothing till after the holiday – they catch up by working on Saturdays after the holiday.

Is it necessary that all the residents of Rochford District suffer these delays after every public holiday? Most holidays occur on a Monday so those households with a Monday collection would expect that there will be some disruption to their refuse collection. Why not collect their refuse on the previous Saturday – Tuesday you return to the normal scheduled collection service.

80% of the Borough would not be affected by the fact that the refuse collection service was not working on Monday. Because those households have not suffered any disruption to their normal refuse collection there is no requirement to pick up additional refuse in bags or boxes placed beside the bin.

With collections programmed in advance of the holiday – even with the longer holidays of Easter and Christmas it is possible to make collections with only a one day difference to that of a normal collection and normal service is restored much quicker.