Taxi Owner says – Taxi Licencing Regulations in Rochford are out of date

May 20, 2007 by  

Alerted by a letter of complaint from an individual taxi owner about Taxi Licencing Regulations, John called the Council to ask how this was to be dealt with.

Whilst this complaint will be dealt with in June the officers advised that all the conditions are way out of date but they do not have the resources to undertake a review and update which they agree needs to be done.  There are insufficient resources.

Because of the parlous state of public transport in Rochford District this is a major and responsibility of RDC which seems to have been neglected and there is no plan to up date and there are insufficient resources.

John has asked this to be subjected to Overview and Scrutiny.

What is Overview and Scrutiny?
The Overview & Scrutiny function at Rochford District Council is carried out by the Review Committee.
The Committee reviews areas that have been suggested or are causing concern with respect to the operation of the Council, and that of its Partners, brought to its attention by the Public or Members (Councillors) and officers of the Council or, indeed, the Council’s Partners. It can also scrutinise decisions made by the Council’s Policy Committees to ensure that best practice and best value is provided at all times for the benefit of Council Tax Payers, and develop recommendations relating to Council Policy and activity.
Councillors appointed to overview and scrutiny committees are expected to adopt a deliberative, investigative and evidence based approach while casting aside party politics. Scrutiny should work in an open, transparent, inclusive, and accountable manner adopting an outward looking focus.
Who is on the Review Committee?
The Review Committee is primarily comprised of 8 Councillors: Cllr Mrs J R Lumley (Chairman), and Cllrs.Mrs L M Cox, Mrs H L A Glynn, Mrs S A Harper, T Livings, J R F Mason, P R Robinson, Mrs C A Weston. Other interested parties may be invited to act as advisers to assist with the review of a particular subject as appropriate.


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