The Hawkwell Action Group (HAG)

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A group of residents in Hawkwell West have formed a organisation called the Hawkwell Action Group (HAG) which has the purpose of ensuring that all of the residents of my Ward are independently advised of proposals affecting Hawkwell West in the Local Development Framework (Planning for Housing) and that as many residents as possible respond to the public consultation.  I was invited to join the HAG Committee and I have done so.

From the Echo, 12 May 2008 – Do you believe that Hawkwell Green Belt will be saved? Or is it still at risk? 

District’s green belt aims to skirt housebuild quotas

THE majority of cherished green belt land in the Rochford district will escape development as part of Government housebuilding targets, a leading councillor says.

The Rochford district has been given a quota of providing 2,500 new homes by 2015, which fuelled fears some of green belt would have to be developed.

However, deputy council leader Keith Hudson said: “I think the good news is that the amount of land will be very small, perhaps only two or three fields. It is just a few acres, but there is always the danger the targets will increase. What we will be seeking to do is to make sure those sites which already have been given planning permission are actually developed.

“A major example is the site opposite the cemetery in Hockley Road, Rayleigh, which has had planning permission for many years.

“This and other sites could take a large amount of the housing quota without having to use other areas.”

Mr Hudson spoke after a Campaign for the Protection of Rural England report on the threat to the green belt across the country. 


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