The Pickles Effect – And Castle Point throws out a Planning Application

June 3, 2010 by  

Originally reported here at the Echo (520 homes and business park rejected on Thundersley Plotlands)

and Commented upon by Simon (assumed to be Simon Hart Vice Chairman of Hands off our Greenbelt Action Group)

I would like to say a THANK YOU to every one involved Publicly as I have done via email already.

To Barry Braizier who has fought for this land for many many years with the support of the local and wider area residents.
To the Councillors of Castle Point for Listening to the residents of the Borough it was fantastic to see unity in the Council Chamber over a topic that is so important to everyone with constructive objections to the Barratt’s application. This action of unity sets out the Councils Stance on development to all Developers setting out to submit plans to Castle Point.

Thanks also to Rebecca Harris (MP ) for actively perusing the Conservative Party before the election and the Coalition after the election and for Eric Pickles for issuing a formal letter of intent for the abolishment of Spatial strategies, which will remove the threat of enforced development on protected greenbelt land like Canvey and Daws Heath.

 The Kiln Road site needs to be allocated a new status that is outlined in the new Local Government Bill a site of local and wildlife interest. Thanks to Bob Spink for his support, and the Echo for keeping the story alive in the local press.

In regard to housing in Castle Point do not forget that the Council located nearly 4000 sites for homes that were not on Green Belt , that still a huge amount of homes for the infrastructure to support .

A big thank you goes to everyone who wrote in and objected or turned up to the meeting .

Once again every one WELL DONE, Castle Point has made a massive leap forward.

What other Councils have done;

Taunton Deane Borough Council: reduced its housing target from 18,000 to 14,000 a year
Cotswold District Council: cut its housing target from 345 to 300 homes a year
West Oxfordshire District Council: stopped work on preparing its core strategy
South Oxfordshire District Council: stopped preparing core strategy
Telford & Wrekin Council: ripping up its housing targets
Castle Point Borough Council AGAIN !!: planning inspector scrapped hearing on housing numbers
Bristol City Council: planning inspector holding a slimmed down session on housing targets
Dacorum Borough Council: taking advice from the Planning Inspectorate
South Northamptonshire Council: delaying decisions on large scale housing developments pending further guidance


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