Update Number 3 – DWH Clements Gate (Thorpe Road/Rectory Road Hawkwell)

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DWH Clements Gate (Thorpe Road/Rectory Road Hawkwell)

We are still getting phone calls, e mails and verbal reports about issues at this building site apart from things we have seen ourselves so here is a quick update of the situation to date.



Thorpe Road Closure – Planned Road Closure for 6 months – unmade part

Still awaiting ECC decision notice and whether or not they will incorporate the pedestrian access.


Hours of Working – would the hours read out before voting at Development Committee be kept to?

We have requested further information and clarity regarding the Delivery aspect (same exception as above for Sundays and BH’s) and await a response to e mail sent 8th March to Mr. Scrutton once he returns to Office on the 25th March.

Rodent infestations in adjacent residential premises due to site disturbance

We have received further reports of properties being affected and the original ones are still not free of infestation despite the steps taken by DWH. We asked Rochford District council’s Environmental Health Officers to investigate and they have advised as follows:

‘It was apparent that DWH had reached an impasse internally regarding rodent treatment on the site because of concerns about secondary poisoning of non-target species. I therefore wrote to DWH in direct terms this morning and they have now contracted Rentokil to bait the perimeter of the site, taking in to account where complainants reside and the locations of badger setts on the site. Officers will monitor the sufficiency of the baiting programme during the course of the development.’

We trust that this action will resolve the problem but please continue to keep us updated either way.


Update from CTFDAG

DWH did apologise and explained that due to circumstances beyond their control, DWH cannot have access into the site from Rectory Road and that the Gas Board will not allow DWH to drive their plant over the large Gas pipe through the site. DWH did advise us that DWH are trying to find a solution which would bridge the gas pipe and that they are in the process of opening the access into Clements Hall Way as a starting point to such access.

DWH assured us that their preference is to enter the site via Clements Hall Way and that this should be the case by the end of September, although DWH will endeavour to bring this forward.

Whilst it is now clear that Thorpe Road will be the main access road for the summer, we will have to reluctantly accept this position.

Wheel cleaning arrangements/mud on road

As Ward Councillors we saw mud left in Rectory Road, Main Road and Thorpe Road on 18th March John and I immediately, (the wonder of mobile telephones), reported this to RDC Officers who liaised directly with the Highway Authority to resolve this.

We were however concerned at the health and safety of a DWH operative using a broom and dodging traffic and we understand that since then a mechanical road cleaner has been in regular use.

We have also asked RDC Officers to ensure wheel cleaning arrangements are embedded in conditions and imposed on site with immediate effect.


18th March – Unofficial, unenforceable 10mph Road signs erected in Thorpe Road

Police and RDC notified and signs removed.


Complaint as to whether or not the tree felling plan was being adhered to and query over correct removal of hedgerow.

We have again approached planning officers to ensure that the hedgerow has been correctly removed and as with the trees we will as soon as the site is open for access check these ourselves.


On a more serious note there have been reports of alleged breaches of conditions with delivery vehicles parked in Rectory Road before 8.00 am, site vehicles using the Rectory Road end of Thorpe Road and the Christmas Tree Farm access in Rectory Road being used when this is not permitted.   

Our Officers have been very supportive and proactive in asking for conditions to be adhered to but do need your help. If you observe any of these actions please log them, and by this we mean note date and time and also if possible without risk the registration number. This will enable our enforcement officers to take action and increase their chances of success.

Please keep us advised of any developments and copy us in if possible. On behalf of all those affected residents thank you for your continued help.



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