Update Number 7 – DWH Clements Gate (Thorpe Road/Rectory Road Hawkwell)

April 20, 2013 by  

Last Week we delivered our Newsletter to ALL residents houses in the affected area.

This Week the update is from Barratt Eastern Counties, Barratt House, 7 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 5EY

We have received a copy of Hawkwell Focus. We received our copy by email and we are not sure how many residents receive these.

If you wish to see it you can download it below.

However please note that we may not necessarily agree with the comments made by the Developer.

We will welcome your comments on the Hawkwell Focus from David Wilson Homes, they are very important to us.

If you have any comments or future complaints please pass these to us rather than to the email address for the PR Company on the DWH Newsletter.

We can assure you that ALL complaints will be pursued by us vigorously with Barratts/DWH, Rochford District Council, Essex County Council or Essex Police. We will involve the appropriate authority to ensure that urgent action is taken and that it does not happen again and there is a clear log of problems and issues.

Did you know that “Focus” is the name attached to many Lib Dem Newsletters across the UK and there is a Rochford Lib Dem Group that coins “Focus” for its Newsletters.  There is a Lib Dem standing for Rochford North in May.  Confusing?


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