Update on Flood Prevention Work In The Vicinity of Rectory Road

December 8, 2013 by  

 DSCF0749Hawkwell Brook 8th December 2013

As organised by us the length of the Brook from Windsor Gardens to the end of the field adjoining Clements Hall was cleared by volunteers on the Weekend 30th Nov/1st Dec.  Thanks to everyone involved.  Certainly we were relieved that no further problems occurred on Friday when a similar flood warning was sounded.

Yesterday John and I walked along the Brook up to Thorpe Close and noted the work that needs to be done by the local land owners.  As these riparian owners are commercial organisations we have submitted a report to our new Chief Executive so that he can arrange for the appropriate work to be undertaken as appropriate.

Our main concern was the allegation from a  resident that David Wilson Homes/Barratts have been pumping water into the Brook and we have asked for this to be investigated.

The other concern was the silting up of the higher level of the Brook as this will be near to the new David Wilson Homes/Barratts Homes.

The amount of work needed to provide the same level of clearance that the volunteers achieved downstream is small and we are optimistic that this will be done soon so that the risk of flooding is reduced and peace of mind is achieved for local residents.

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