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June 16, 2007 by  

The Hawkwell Parade of shops is private land and the litter is the responsibility of the shop keepers not Rochford District Council.  So we are grateful to Myra Weir for clearing this up for them.  I think that they should pay for this service.

SkateBoard Facility – Hawkwell Playing Fields

Dear Councillor Mason,

I have been requested by Graham Woolhouse to provide you with an update on this issue.  I can confirm that I have spoken with Myra Weir personally and ascertained that she currently collects litter in this area on Saturdays and Sundays. The main issues that she is concerned about appears to be broken glass.  This is said to be worst on Saturdays mornings rather than Sundays. As you know our normal litter collection service for this area is only provided between Monday and Friday at present.

I have noted that earlier comments from Richard Boyd regarding a specific visit he made with Myra Weir on Monday 21.5.07, so it is apparent that she is visiting at other times of the week as well. I can assure you however that our contactors are visiting daily during the week and dealing with any litter found.

I have advised Myra Weir of the service levels provided by the Council and that her efforts, whilst community spirited are not assisting the situation as we are not aware of the extent of this particular problem. She has agreed to stop this clean up activity for a few weeks on the basis that I will provide her with feedback on action we propose to take, if any.

I have instructed our Contract Monitoring Officers to undertake regular checks of the area over the next few weeks in order to assess the scale of the problem and identify an appropriate solution. It may be that additional resources are required for which a bid will need to be made.  

We do however have contactors working on Saturdays in other parts of the district, such as in Rayleigh High Street and at the Cemetery so it may be possible to extend the current service, if this can be justified.

I will contact you with an update once I receive feedback from the Contract Monitoring Officers.

Richard Evans
Head Of Environmental Services  




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