Update Number 2 on planning problems at Clements Gate (Thorpe Road/Rectory Road Hawkwell)

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Update on planning problems at Clements Gate (Thorpe Road/Rectory Road Hawkwell)

Thankfully for all it has been a slightly less busy and problematic week for complaints.

We shall briefly update the issues outstanding.

We have been concerned by a suggestion from Rochford District Council that problems and complaints on Environmental Health could be directed by residents in the first instance to an organisation other than RDC or Ward Members.

“you may wish to pass on the details of Meeting Place Communications to your constituents so that they may direct any queries or complaints they may have to them in the first instance.”

“Meeting Place Communications are the complaints handling firm employed by David Wilson Homes”.

We do not agree.

It is important that all complaints are logged at RDC, investigated by RDC and any action necessary is taken in accordance with planning regulations and environmental health legislation.

Please feel free to contact us on any subject.

Or phone Shaun Scrutton (Planning or Highways) or Richard Evans (Environment) on 01702 546366.

The more precise the details residents can provide, exact time, date and place, the easier it will be for us to pursue the matter at hand. 

Here is the current situation as far as we are aware on the issues raised already.

Road Closure – Planned Road Closure for 6 months

Christine informed Mark Francois MP of the action we had taken.  We have scanned in his response below for your information.  Let us hope that with all your representatives asking for the same thing we will succeed.

From: Rt Hon Mark Francois MP, Member of Parliament for Rayleigh and Wickford

“Closure of Thorpe Road

Thank you for copying me in on your email about the proposed closure of Thorpe Road and the outcome of your meeting with David Wilson Homes.

This information was most helpful but I wanted you to know that as I have received a number of representations about this I have also raised the matter with County Councillor Derrick Louis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation.

I will, of course, let you have a copy of his response.”

Hours of Working – would the hours read out before voting at Development Committee be kept to?

The hours of working are still being reviewed by Shaun Scrutton but we cannot see a problem with most of this issue now that we have received the reassurance from Shaun Scrutton that we published last week.

However, despite requesting clarification and reassurance on the Deliveries on a Sunday from Mr Scrutton, Head of Planning and Transportation, RDC on the 8th March we have yet to receive a response and he is out of the office until the 25th March.

Deliveries are specified to be between 08.00am – 17.30 pm Monday to Friday and 09.00am – 15.30 pm on Saturdays.

Again Ward Members want there to be NO deliveries or collections allowed on Sundays or Bank Holidays unless otherwise agreed in writing by RDC by at least 5 days Notice in writing to Residents.

Complaint as to whether or not the tree felling plan was being adhered to;

This is how we pursued this matter;

“Would it be possible for the Council Officer to confirm that all trees required to remain, do remain?  I am sure that residents are looking for this assurance and as a Member that is the only test of Compliance that I find acceptable.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

Reply from Mr Scrutton (Head of Planning and Transportation, RDC)

“As you will appreciate, unless there is an officer permanently camped on the site, I can’t give you any absolute assurances of the situation with regard to trees but what I can tell you is that the tree officer visited the site today and is content that all is well at this point in time.”

We will continue to monitor this. When the site is open to the public we, as Ward Members, will go round with the Tree Plan submitted and tick off every tree that was required to remain.  And expect penalties to be levied for any unauthorised removal.

Request for residents only parking notice as originally requested by Hawkwell Action Group but not responded to.

Still awaiting implementation! Despite Essex County Council having given permission, which was argued about by RDC and DWH, apparently RDC is now insisting this is now subject to Advertising Regulations. Like the colour of this text RED TAPE!!

Rodent infestations in adjacent residential premises due to site disturbance

DWH have ‘baited’ but the problem persists. We will pass on the addresses of affected residents to RDC once we have their permission to do so.

Burning of waste on site

Being investigated by RDC Environmental Health.

Both the above items are still being investigated as Environmental Health who have been unable to locate the DWH Site Manager in the last few days for clarification.

Planning Issue raised by CTFDAG

We are waiting for CTFDAG to let us know if they have any outstanding issues after their Meeting with DWH on 12 March.

Wheel cleaning arrangements

We have asked our officers to check that this is being carried out satisfactorily; please inform us if there is any mud left on any road.

Please continue to let us know if you are aware of any problems and copy us into your communication with the authorities so that we can see if the issue is a one off situation or a wider issue.

We will help you as much as we can but we can only do so if we are kept informed.

Also for your information there are two more planning applications pending for this site from David Wilson Homes.  One, 13/00035/FUL  is to vary condition No 4 to application 12/00381/FUL and the other, 13/00109/FUL is to Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct Single Storey Part Pitched Roofed Part Flat Roofed Sales Building and Car Parking Area.  Any comments on these please write to Shaun Scrutton, Head of Planning and Transportation but please send a copy to your Ward Councillors.   



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  1. Editor says:

    CTFDAG has contacted us to say “DWH didn’t make it on Tuesday due to the snow!!! We are now meeting them tomorrow night.” 18 March

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