Verge Destroyed by Factory Parking – Main Road Hawkwell

June 17, 2007 by  

This issue has been the source of a constant trickle of complaints ever since I was first elected in 2000.

The planning application for a car park on the farmland was understandably refused by RDC in 1999/2000.

A then also newly elected Conservative Member of RDC asked if I would sort this out for the factories. But no one ever contacted me.  That Member has now lost his seat and at the Count I remembered that conversation.

Basically the chewed up and deeply rutted, water and mud filled verge is an eyesore and in terms of amenity value it has none.

Residents have responded in the Residents Survey that I conducted earlier this year that it would be better to formalise the layby for parking by having a suitable surface.

It would also keep the parked cars from obstructing the Trotting Track which keeps horseriders off the busy B1013. 

I have asked for the views of Tracey Chapman (County Councillor) and Lyn Harvey (Highways Engineer) Essex County Council on this proposal.


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