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As a Member of AUDIT COMMITTEE I was so concerned that I have successfully added the need for a formal internal audit to be undertaken.

EXAMPLE – IRONWELL LANE – HAWKWELL WEST TO ROCHFORD TOWN CENTRE – There was an article in the Echo in July 2022.

I was surprised to see no reference to an earlier Council Decision from December 2019 some 2.5 years earlier.

“To explore ways that Rochford District Council and Essex County Council can work together to improve the cycle ways by connecting the various parts of the cycle tracks in and around Rochford District and in particular using Ironwell Lane to create a cycle way through from Rochford town to Hawkwell to make a safe route for cyclists instead of Hall Road, linking the two new housing estates and the new industrial area at the Airport. The benefits of improving cycling routes will include safer journeys, avoiding busy roads; reducing carbon emissions by not driving; fitness benefits, including health improvements; a reduction in use of the NHS by engaging in an active lifestyle while enjoying the outdoor environment and improving well-being. In addition, utilising Ironwell Lane will also bring this ancient highway up to a suitable standard to encourage leisure use.”

I asked the CEO why no action had apparently been taken. No explanation was made.

On a wider note I wondered who at The Council takes responsibility and accountability for seeing that ALL Decisions which are passed are enacted and Members updated.

There is a LIST. But has action been taken on them? We do not know as there have been no updates.

I found yet another which has not been enacted and as budget is now available that has been chased up. But will anything be done?


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