Will it be a Happy New Year for the Developers……but not for residents?

June 1, 2010 by  

I am told by some readers that there is nothing to worry about because the green belt will be protected by the New Lib/Con Coalition.

But when will the Bill scrapping the housing targets go through Parliament?

Our MP’s Office says “Unfortunately, no dates appear to be available yet however, once these are known, they should be listed on the following website.”

According to the Queen’s Speech the Bill which will, amongst other things, scrap the Regional Housing Targets is called The Decentralisation and Localism Bill.

Scrapping the housing targets is said to be the predicator for re-writing the Core Strategy which otherwise goes live in 2011.  But the Coalition Agreement referred to stopping this was something that they would do rapidly !!

So why is it that our MP cannot tell us in what year and which Parliamentary Session the Bill will go through?

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State has not replied and nor have either of David and Nick.

I still think that there is everything to still concern us but some people think that the Coalition intends to protect the existing green belt but with planning applications totalling 1460 new houses already in play on green belt in Rochford District I don’t see anything so far which will stop this at all yet alone rapidly….like a Bill scheduled for this Session of Parliament.

The next Session will be too late because the bulldozers will move in as soon as January 2011 is chimed in, ironically, by Big Ben.

It will be a Happy New Year for the Developers but not for us.

I would be delighted if these concerns do not turn out to be true…………but do please tell me soon so I can plan to accept an invitation to the right New Year bash !!


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