Will Rochford District follow South Oxfordshire & Scrap further work on The Core Strategy?

June 1, 2010 by  

South Oxfordshire’s announcement immediately follows a letter yesterday from the Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles to Local Authority Planning Chiefs telling them that Regional Housing targets are to be scrapped, which has in effect given a green light to Local Authorities to halt decisions on development plans and planning applications.

But will Rochford District Council, given the huge number of written objections made by residents over the last 3 years of expensive consultations do the same? 

Many residents groups even went to the trouble of making themselves available to discuss their objections directly with the Government Planning Inspector on 12 May which was reported on very fully by the Echo.

 The Conservative Administration at RDC has consistently stated in public that it was being forced by Government to produce a Core Strategy which delivered unwelcome and unjustified Government Housing Targets and there was nothing it could do.  Latterly much was said about “if there is a Conservative Government”.  Well it is a Coalition but there is nothing to stop RDC from announcing a complete halt to this unproductive work immediately.


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